IELTS Debutante’s Nightmare

I was devastated! I failed miserably on my IELTS writing test.

Well, not exactly failed since there is no failure term in IELTS scoring. But I am quite sure that I did not pass the 7 band in writing, the benchmark set for entering my dream university.

So, after many years of delay, I finally took IELTS test. Yes, that official test which costs around USD 270 or IDR 2.900.000. Jeez. The reason I took the test is because I  need a certification of my English proficiency as a second language as a requirement in scholarship’s and grad study applications. After spending that precious USD 270 and almost 5 hours of test, I failed.

I admitted that I did not exercised hard enough, but I definitely practiced at least 1 hour a day for 2 weeks in reading, listening and particularly writing. I didn’t think I had problems with speaking, which was proven by me passing the section with flying colors.

Yesterday, I arrived at the exam venue’s lobby at 7.25. There were around 40 people queuing before entering the venue to get checked, no one was allowed to bring any stationery, mobile phones, dictionary and wear watch. When we finally entered the venue, we got to queue (again!) to get photographed and finger print registered. Then, we were asked to wait in a room until 9 P.M only to get another queue before finally entering the exam room. Goddammit there were too much queuing.

The test went on. I passed listening and reading test without any significant difficulties, I am pretty sure I’ll bag 7 band on each section when the result came 2 weeks from now. Then came the writing section, I freezed. So there are 2 tasks in IELTS writing test, task 1 requires us to describe key figures of data listed in diagram or chart into paragraphs, and task 2 which requires us to explain or argue about particular topic given. After taking a glance at 2 tasks, I felt dead. I remembered I was so panic, there were so many things went into my mind: what if I failed to get 7 band in writing, what if I need to retake the test, what if I did not impress my writing examiners? All those things made me freeze for around 5 minutes. 55 minutes left, I tried to work on task 1 (without planning!) without realizing I only had 20 minutes left to work on task 2 which worth twice than task 1. Fuck. I was really fucked. Again, without planning I started to write on task 2.

Short to say, I wrote unstructured shits in my writing sheets.

Hmm, Jeez. I wanted to cry but of course I did not. I took a break and waited for my speaking section. I nailed it spectacularly, I’m sure I got 8 on it.

Well, after learning that my writing mark is fucked, I’m still hoping that all my other IELTS section gained more than 7 band, so that I can still get 6.5-7 in overall mark. If I get at least 6.5 overall band, I can still apply for LPDP scholarship, even though I need to retake the test and get 7 band in writing to apply for the university I apply.

In order to get 7 band in writing I have to write more, especially essay. So, I’ll post more here 🙂 at least 3 writings in a week starting from 13 August 2018.

See you pretty soon!


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