Imagined Situation: Claude I


As I walked into the room, he turned off the lamp. The illumination from a standing lamp beside the bed blinded my eyes but I managed to adapt by closing them for three seconds; 1, 2 and 3, I took an unnoticeable deep breath to shrug aside the whimsicality and fastening heartbeat. He smiled finally at eleven at night and I smelled his scalp, it reminded me of a spiritual eucalyptus field, I always wanted to go; I instinctively mimicked his smile. I wandered and lost in my naive fantasy while he was talking about his dreams and espoirs.

It was different that night. He never let me listen to his philosophical stories more than 3 hours but at that time he whispered me to stay. I felt nothing but a simple happiness to have a companion from a man I had vaguely known some time ago.

As I sunk my head into the pillow, he mildly took me near his chest and I could hear the race between his breath and mellifluous heartbeat. We fell asleep locking arms, face to face, eyes to eyes. I kept awake several times at night, I found myself faraway against his direction but my hand always gravitated to his hips. He was still sleeping but led my right hand to his chest where there is a little tattoo in an ancient language means sincerity. I kissed the back of his shoulder with my eyes closed and the morning arrived.

I stared at his Michelangelo’s David face with a prudent adoration, if not infatuation. That should not be something less than love but I appreciated all of my unrehearsed feelings. I let them stay for quite a moment because I knew they never demanded back. I put my hand an inch away from his face and played with the contour. Even without showing his green hazel eyes, I could still amazed by the beauty of his lids and the gallant orbital notch; with his mouth closed, I played my favorite conversation between he and I about God we always doubt, the wilderness of the roads, the beauty of our ancestors, and the separate future we might embrace.

As he woke up, he kissed my head.

“Can you love me this morning?” I unasked

He didn’t say a word. He bit me and we kissed. He started loving me the entire morning.

I captured all of the scenes on my memory before I said goodbye and back to the world.


About Adisty Anissa Rizanty

Latihan menulis.
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