Two Kinds of Judgments

It takes courage to write and share our writing online, because people are judgmental in nature. Clever people are intimidating, yet interesting ones. They corrected your grammar, shallow opinion, trivial talks; they made you feel unfulfilled and uncomfortable with your presence. They challenged you to think the opposite of your thinking system, which will expand your thoughts to meet the new intriguing and unpredictable things so that you can learn and stand up for yourself. They will rebut you with wittiness, sarcasm and difficult Latin lexicons but alluring argumentation. They are dangerous to the ignorance.

Stupid people are comforting, they made you believe that they are your ultimate friends. They made you feel comfortable with your being and think that change is unnecessary or a sin. They hailed dogma and identity over rationality, they respond the facts and knowledge you presented with guilt. They absorbed your time with talking about rumors and plain desires. They want you to make tons of children and love to see you being dependent on things you cannot control, because actually they want to see you fall so that they can talk about you with others. They are dangerous to sanity and critical thinking.

These two kinds of people determined their judgments about our writings. There are two kinds of people’s judgments, the good kind and the bad kind. The good one is where people judge something by using facts and knowledge, they carefully analyze and present the hypothesis supported by legitimate and make sense reasons. They are confident with the results but ready to alter their assumptions when new theories failed theirs – the applicability of the theories is another thing to argue.

The bad kind is the easiest to meet. They don’t read and comprehend, they only judge and fight. They are susceptible of radicalization and mobilization.

The latest made up the majority of our society. Be wise with your writings, bad judgments are everywhere.


About Adisty Anissa Rizanty

Latihan menulis.
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