Imagined Conversation with Claude

Me: You are beautiful beyond physical realm, Claude. You should be together with something reciprocal. Why don’t you move to Tibet or –Stan countries instead of staying in Jakarta? Your next place should give you a thorough beauty. I love the way Tibetans and Kazakhs look, they are beautiful. Just like you! There you can be happy surrounded by beauty.

Claude: Beauty is easy to find. We can reflect from the nature, landscape, arts, poems, even from calamity and things that happen in the aftermath. But one should not move merely for the sake of beauty, not for me. Beautiful women are everywhere: the constellation of someone’s body, thoughts, childhood, voice, experience created a complex spectrum of colors for each individual. For me everyone is unique; I appreciated the opportunity to see and grab life from all the people I met. But, I need something bigger than beauty. I haven’t found the answer, but I will keep searching for it. When the time has come, I will let you know: I’m ready to go.


About Adisty Anissa Rizanty

Latihan menulis.
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